Power Inductor Finder and Analyzer

Identify the best power inductors for your specified parameters and review AC and DC losses, temperature rise, L vs. current, self-heating curves and more. Or if you already know your part number(s), skip the search and move directly to the performance analysis.

RF Inductor/Choke Finder and Analyzer

This powerful tool identifies the best RF inductors and chokes for your defined parameters. Search for L @ Frequency or Z @ Frequency for specific application conditions. Or skip the search function and proceed directly to performance analysis for known part number(s).
Cross reference tool

Cross Reference Series Finder Tool

Use this tool to cross between Coilcraft commercial part numbers and CPS parts. Search by series name (standard or CPS) and easily find your cross.
Parametric search

CPS Parametric Search

See all Coilcraft CPS products. Sort, filter, and compare to find the ideal part for your application.