Commercial Item Descriptions

A number of Coilcraft products have a Commercial Item Description (CID) issued by the US government's Defense Supply Center. A CID describes a commercial product that satisfies the government's needs in terms of its function, performance specifications or critical physical requirements.

Agencies have been instructed to avoid government-unique requirements and contractors are being urged to use commercially available products that have a CID. This is part of a shift by the Department of Defense toward performance-based specifications and standards in place of MIL-SPECS and MIL-STDs.

These Coilcraft product families currently have Commercial Item Descriptions and additional items have been submitted for review.

Coilcraft Data Sheet Defense Supply Center CID
0603CS chip inductor A-A-59416
0603HC chip inductor A-A-59408
0805CS chip inductor A-A-59700
1008CS chip inductor A-A-59697
1008CT chip inductor A-A-59696
1008HQ chip inductor A-A-59739
1008LS chip inductor A-A-59698
1812CS chip inductor A-A-59740
1812LS chip inductor A-A-59699
CM1394 common mode choke A-A-59744
DO1608 power inductor A-A-59742
DO3308 power inductor A-A-59738
DO3316 power inductor A-A-59737
DS1608 power inductor A-A-59741
DT1608 power inductor A-A-59235
DT3316 power inductor A-A-59406