PCB Washing and Coilcraft Parts

Effects of Cleaning Systems on Coilcraft Components

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Coilcraft products are compatible with a wide range of commercial cleaning systems. Many of our customers use cleaning systems without reporting problems. However, cleaning systems involve many variables, including mechanical forces, vibration, pressure, temperature, number of cycles, and cleaning solvents. Cleaning solvents may include neutralizers, surfactants, saponifiers, dispersants and anti-foaming agents. Ultrasonic cleaning involves repeated vibratory forces that may cause fatigue in fine wire components and may lead to crack propagation in core materials.

Because of the large number of variables in cleaning operations, it is not practical for Coilcraft to perform tests using cleaning systems. Therefore, Coilcraft does not test or make recommendations regarding cleaning systems.

Coilcraft tests for resistance to solvents per the following specification.

Resistance to solvents specification:

MIL-STD-202 Method 215 plus an additional aqueous wash.

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