Spice Models / S-parameters

Coilcraft has measurement-based lumped element, netlist, and s-parameter models for reliable simulations.  We have also developed current-dependent saturation models for our soft-saturating molded power inductors and offer comprehensive model libraries for popular circuit simulators.

Benefits of Coilcraft model libraries

  • No need to build a schematic or assign lumped element values
  • Simply select the Coilcraft part number from a pull-down menu
  • The netlist is included when selecting the component

Select a Product Series

Use the dropdown or type to select your desired series. Once your series is entered, the website identifies the Coilcraft commercial cross reference and the appropriate SPICE model and S-Parameters for download. Please note, the CPS product series and part numbers will not be shown in the downloads. 

logo_modelithics_small_.gif Additional models for Keysight® ADS®, Cadence Microwave Office and Keysight RF Synthesis (Genesys) may be purchased from Modelithics. Free trials of these models may also be requested. Modelithics models allow simulation over a wide variety of substrate materials. Modelithics can also produce custom models for other Coilcraft product families. 
Nuhertz.png Coilcraft S-parameters and Spice models are used in Nuhertz Technology filter synthesis and analysis software, which includes automated Coilcraft parts selection and simulation with Coilcraft parts. Click here to download a customized version of Nuhertz Solutions FilterSolutions® software.
logo_optenni.gif Coilcraft S-parameters are used in Optenni Lab matching circuit generation and antenna analysis software, which includes automatic impedance matching tools and antenna bandwidth estimation.
systemvision.gif Coilcraft inductor saturation models are included in the SystemVision® Cloud Simulator from Mentor Graphics. The models represent the soft-saturation of composite core inductors and hard-saturation of ferrite core inductors. Click here to see how a soft-saturation inductor reduces current switching transient spikes in a buck converter output stage.