Shock-resistant, Outgassing-compliant Power Inductors

The new AE425PJB Series of low-profile power inductors from Coilcraft-CPS meets NASA low outgassing specifications.

The AE425PJB is just 1.8 mm high with a footprint of 3.9 mm square. It features a special suspended core construction, allowing it to pass vibration testing to 80 G and shock testing to 1000 G and making it ideal for a variety of mission-critical military, aerospace and handheld medical device applications. High-temperature materials allow operation in ambient temperatures up to 155°C. The AE425PJB also features tin-lead (Sn-Pb) termination for the best possible board adhesion.

The AE425PJB is available in 30 inductance values from 0.35 µH to 3300 µH with current ratings to 6.3 Amps and DCR as low as 0.030 Ohms. In addition to the AE425PJB, Coilcraft CPS offers PJB family power inductors in eleven other sizes with inductance values to 10000 µH.

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