New Ultra-low Loss Power inductors pass NASA low outgassing specifications

Cary, IL, USA — Coilcraft Critical Products & Services (CPS) announces its new PGA Family of ultra-low loss, outgassing-compliant molded power inductors, offering up to 40% lower DCR than the previous best-in-class inductors as well as extremely low AC losses. This results in the best overall power efficiency over a wide range of AC ripple current. They are ideal for DC-DC converters with switching frequencies ranging from hundreds of kHz to 5 MHz and above.

PGA Family parts are critical-grade versions of Coilcraft’s popular commercial-grade XGL Family. They meet NASA low outgassing specifications and pass vibration testing to 80 G and shock testing to 1000 G. They also feature tin-lead (Sn-Pb) terminations for the best possible board adhesion.

The PGA Family is currently offered in three sizes, with additional sizes coming soon.
The AE433PGA Series (Coilcraft XGL4020) is offered in 14 inductance values from 0.11 to 8.2 µH with current ratings up to 29 A.
The AE449PGA Series (Coilcraft XGL4030) is offered in 18 inductance values from 0.13 to 12 µH with current ratings up to 26.5 A.
The AE526PGA Series (Coilcraft XGL6060) is offered in 20 inductance values from 0.22 to 47 µH with current ratings up to 38 A.
All PGA Family parts feature soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes and exhibit no thermal aging issues.
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About Coilcraft CPS

Headquartered outside of Chicago in Cary, Illinois, Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services) is part of Coilcraft, Inc., providing RF and Power Magnetics for high-reliability, mission-critical applications such as military, aerospace, medical and other harsh environments where durability and reliability are of paramount importance.

To meet these needs, Coilcraft CPS tests components to extremes, far exceeding ratings of standard commercial parts. Additionally, components can be certified to meet unique customer requirements. Components are manufactured, tested and certified without third-party value-adds or testing, assuring complete and documented control of all processes.